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Gigantes en Japón




Bass and voice / Juanjo

Guitar / Guido
Drums / Inti
Guitar / Yepes

Gigantes en Japón is a band formed in 2019 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. They began composing their first songs, influenced by genres such as Alternative Rock, Shoegaze, and Post Punk. They only managed to play one live show before the pandemic and took advantage of the isolation time to compose and release 2 EPs: "Tierra de Gigantes" and "Antes que Anochezca". The band was originally composed of Juan José Delgadillo, Inti Benavidez, and Daniel Yepes. However, during the pandemic, they recruited Guido Ferrari as the fourth member and guitarist, completing the current lineup of the band.

With their new lineup, Gigantes En Japón started to have more performances in the Buenos Aires underground scene, including venues like Moscú, El Emergente, Polo cultural 1040, Casa del Árbol, among others. In 2021, they released their third EP titled "La Misma Lluvia", recorded at La Aldea Records. During 2023, the band focused on preparing their first LP, although in April of that year, they achieved an important gig opening for "Loquero" at Uniclub.

The band has a particular aesthetic inspired by Anime and Comics, which has accompanied their album covers, animations, and other graphic content.

At the end of 2023, they recorded their first LP at El Ruido Records titled "Instructions To Lose It All", with a more mature and distinctive sound. The album was completed in January 2024 and released along with 2 music videos early that year. They have several dates scheduled for 2024 to release their music videos and their new album. This is the story so far of Gigantes En Japón...



2024 - Instrucciones para Perderlo Todo
2021 - La Misma Lluvia
2020 - Antes Que Anochezca
2020 - Tierra de Gigantes
Singles and EPs
2021 - Igual

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